Stephen Rome (owner) fell in love with China and the culture after spending nine years in Shenyang.  During his stay, he studied the Chinese language at the Liao Ning Provincial University.   His exceptional aptitude to pick up and master the language encouraged him to remain and work in the country.

After a three year stint as a night club manager for the largest club in the area, Stephen partnered with a group of Los Angeles investors to open a chain of Pizza restaurants.  The restaurants proved successful and Stephen then opened his own restaurant, which pioneered food home delivery in the area.  Stephen is still an active participant in this business.

After identifying an unmet need for authentic Chinese food on Cape Cod, Stephen opened Kung Fu Dumplings ( in 2014 with partner Chuang (Leon) Tong (Owner).  Leon has been a restaurant profession al in Shenyang, China, Dublin, Ireland and Flushing, New York.  He has served in every capacity from Back of the House to General Manager.  Leon brings exceptional organizational skills, industry knowledge and authenticity and quality oversight to the business.

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